The Sin of the Desert

I recently read this article that I want to share with you.  The Spiritual impact of this story is powerful.

 “Two men and a boy had visited friends in Bishop, California, and started for their homes in Irving, and Corona.  On the way, they planned to stop in Eureka Valley and visit the famous old El Captain Mine.  Apparently, by mistake, they wandered up an abandoned road into the barren Saline Valley, where their car broke down.  They tried to walk back to a ranch house they had passed twenty miles previously in the blistering heat.

 65-year-old Arnold Dobson made it seven miles from the stalled car.  Harold Mast, Jr., a 16-year-old youth, made it ten miles before he fell dead.  His father, 40-year-old Harold Mast, Sr., was found 13 miles from the car.

 The irony was, according to searchers who found the bodies, that a spring-fed oasis in a willow grove was only one mile from where the car broke down; but it was in the opposite direction, and they walked the wrong way – to death.

 Multitudes of people today are headed in the wrong direction.  Their vehicle of life has broken down, and they need something (someone) to quench their thirst.  Because of the conditions of this life which are more than they can bear, they seek again and again to have their thirst quenched from the wrong direction.

 There are multitudes in our area whose lives are “dry” spiritually.  Many of them are searching for refreshment, but they are searching in the wrong places.  Others don’t even realize they are thirsty.  We who know where the “Water” is must not withhold such valuable truth.  When you talk to someone, tell them where to find the Water (Jesus) that will last forever.

 It has been said, “the sin of the desert is to know where there is water and not to tell it.”

 Are you telling?

Dr. John M. Adams

Do not commit the Sins of the Desert, tell others about I-insureme 3041. CALL 210-372-8000


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